Rent the Exquisite Grand Ballroom at the Beethoven Waldheim

Video of Ballroom

The Culinary Experience & Catering finally after 6 years of building our business and learning from all of you. We have our own banquet hall and we are spreading the love. Our hall holds 200 plus people. We also have a picnic grove (outside location on site) that holds 250 plus not counting the outside picnic tables and seating available for any client & vender. There are too many businesses that would rather talk bad about their colleagues and bring them down. We are here to bring the whole industry up. Instead of our clients destinations being in Philly, the Poconos, or Atlantic City. let's all bring our possible clients to the Lehigh Valley. We now have a beautiful venue with lots of options and possibilities and we are open to them all. We will not be up-charging anything especially other fellow caterers. Not only can you bring your own food and cater your own party at the Exquisite Ballroom at The Beethoven Waldheim c/o the Culinary Experience & Catering. You may also bring your own caterer. If they are a caterer they must have proper licensing, insurance, and meet us before the client signs any contract. Other than that we will not be charging any extra fees. You cannot bring your own liquor. Other than that we are open to all our clients requests and needs. Please contact Chef Nickolas "Nick Sandt" at 570-236-7764, or the Boss Lady Nicole Sandt "Nikki Sandt" at 570-236-7620.

Calling all venders and clients.

Come out and get your complimentary tour and talk to us about future opportunities.

Are you a officiant, caterer, photographer, florist, wedding or party coordinator, Baker, etc.... ect.... ect..... We have the perfect venue, ballroom, outside picnic grove, and the perfect spot by the lake to get hitched at.

Thank you all for what you do in this Lehigh Valley. Let's step it up a notch and make the Lehigh Valley the most popular area to have a wedding or throw party at

Video of our last party in our ballroom.

Still shots of the same party.

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