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150 west Walnut Street Hellertown PA 18055


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One of Hellertown’s treasures is Hellertown Historical Society’s  colonial Tavern Room and adjoining room on the lower level of the Heller-Wagner Grist Mill.  The 800 square foot Tavern Room is an elegant 18th century room featuring interior stone walls and fireplace, period chandeliers, deep window wells with electric candles, and a pumpkin pine hardwood floor. The Tavern Room accommodates up to 60 people.


The adjoining room is the 840 square foot rustic wood-floored lower level of the Grist Mill with a restroom and plenty of open space for dancing or other activities. This room accommodates an additional 60 people and overlooks an indoor lighted trout pond! The entire one level suite is handicapped accessible, heated, and air conditioned. There is ample parking alongside the Grist Mill and in the overflow parking lot across Walnut Street.  


These rooms are perfect for meetings, birthday parties, showers, anniversary celebrations, graduation parties, reunions, bereavement luncheons, scout courts of honor, recitals, banquets, and other social gatherings. Tables, chairs, and a projection screen are available gratis. Elegant table coverings are available for an additional charge per table. The rooms are available for daytime or evening events. Please contact Nikki Hendershot or Chef Nickolas for catering options. Nikki Hendershot 570-236-7620 or Chef Nickolas 570-236-7764


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History of the Tavern Room 

When Christopher and Simon Heller arrived in the New World in 1738 on the ship “Winter Galley”, another passenger on this same ship was Christopher (Stoffel) Wagner.  Hellers and Wagner were to eventually become neighbors, and in 1748, Wagner received a license for a tavern which was built along the road passing through Hellertown in 1752. The exact spot of the tavern has never been 100% verified; however, local lore believes it might have been in or adjacent to the sawmill.  This is the basis for the name of the Tavern Room adjacent to the lower level of the actual Grist Mill building. Together these two rooms are called the Tavern Room.

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Grist Mill Photo  Grist Mill Photo  Grist Mill Photo

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